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Small Business Live Chat Solutions

Most Live Chat solutions on the market are aimed at enterprise-size businesses. They are expensive and complex. At, you will find affordable, full-service live chat solutions to help drive your business forward.

Live Chat Advantages

Live chat allows you to immediately engage your customer while they are browsing your website. Instead of passively waiting for a call or an email to come, you are able to immediately personalize your approach to any customer and help them make a purchase.

Live chat keeps potential customers on your website longer, which minimizes click-throughs. In the meantime, you can easily analyze their behavior. Where they came from, which pages they visited, what they are interested in, are they new or returning visitor.

All this data allows you to immediately adjust your response to any particular customer and establish a connection with them. This leads to a significantly higher rate of conversion from lookers to buyers.

Supreme Efficiency of Live Chat

Speed. Being instantaneous, live chat clearly has far superior speed of response in comparison to email. It also allows both parties to skip the greetings and unnecessary chit-chat part of a phone conversation. Efficiency. Think about having multiple phone conversation at once. Even if it is possible, your customers certainly will not get the best quality of support. A single live chat agent is able to handle at least 6 simultaneous conversations and pay equally thorough attention to each customer.

Boosting your Sales with Live Chat

The greatest advantage of live chat is that it allows you to see all visitors to your website. You know who is browsing, where they came from and what pages and products they pay special attention to. Live chat allows you to identify patterns and actively reach out to visitors, who are most like to become customers. For example, if you notice that visitors, who spend 5 or more minutes on your website are more likely to make a purchase, you can automatically initiate a conversation with them. Or if you notice a visitor, who is going back and forth between two products, you can reach out to them and help make a choice.

Live chat is a powerful lead generation tool. Ask every customer, who initiates a live chat to provide some basic personal details, like name and email. Later on, you will be able to use this information for your online marketing campaigns.

As an upselling tool, live chat allows you to make the most of every sale. If a customer, who asks a question, is ready to make a purchase, you can immediately offer products and enhancements to go along with their order.

Live Chat and Business Intelligence

In the modern world, data is king. Live chat is an easy way to collect valuable feedback that helps improve your response, service, business model. You can organize chats into categories to help review the data and identify course of action. You can implement customer surveys, where with just one question you can find out tons of useful information.

Start your Live Chat Now!

We are experts in implementing and customizing Live Chat solutions just for your business. We have experiences Live Chat agents standing by to help you get the most out of your website. Do not wait! Contact us today to begin reaching your customers on an entirely new level.

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Live Chat Monitoring Service

Live Chat Monitoring Service is only $1.50 an hour or $12.00 a day during normal business hours - 8AM - 7PM

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I cannot say enough! I had these guys do my new website, SEO and signed up for live chat. I had no idea how much difference those things would make. I have more business than I know what to do with. Thank you to Kevin and the team for outstanding work and awesome customer service!
Kate H, Quincy, MA

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